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Stop grading. Start automating.

When students get instant, automated feedback on their code, everyone wins. You don't download and run code, you just review it.
Let the magic begin.

Instant feedback for students

Students make attempts by uploading their full projects or using the web IDE for labs. Either way, they'll get instant feedback, with test cases they passed, and if not, how their output differed from the expected output. For larger projects, students also get a code quality report.

Advanced reports

Go beyond the program output. AutoGradr automatically checks code quality by checking the code against industry accepted style guidelines. We'll even let you know if the submission looks suspiciously similar to one of the other students' attempt.

Review submissions

You'll never have to download submissions to run it on your computer. Students will never have the 'Works on my computer' excuse again. Reviewing submission is as easy as looking at the students' output only if they made a mistake.